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Current Fast Reactor Construction Projects

Russia resumed the construction of BN-800, primarily driven by the weapons Pu disposition application. India is constructing a 500 MWe Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR), to be on-line in 2010. Subsequently four more units of the same size are planned in two sites by 2020.

China is constructing 65 MWth/20 MWe China Experimental Fast Reactor, to be on-line in 2009. Follow-on 800 MWe prototype FBR planned ~2020. Both China and India envision rapidly growing demand for nuclear and consider fast breeder reactors to be essential part of their future energy mix.

There is a growing international consensus that these five criteria are what the next-generation advanced nuclear system must meet to be broadly acceptable for the 21st
century and beyond, namely:
* Reduce the volume and toxicity of nuclear waste.
* Keep nuclear materials unsuitable for direct use in weapons.
* Be passively safe based on characteristics inherent in the reactor design and materials.
* Provide a long-term energy source not limited by resources.
* Be economically competitive with other electricity sources.

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