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  • The world population will increase by 3 billion in the next 50 years.

  • U.S. conventional oil reserves would only last 3 years at our present rate of consumption, if we stopped importing oil.
  • At the world’s current rate of use of oil-30 billion barrels per year-conventional oil reserves will last 37 years. By 2044, we are bone dry.
  • U.S. drivers would blow the entire ANWR reserves out of their collective tailpipes in less than one year.
  • More people are killed by air pollution than auto accidents.
  • Acid rain, ocean acidification and mercury pollution cost the world trillions of dollars every year.
  • For every gallon of gasoline we burn, we produce about 17 pounds of CO2.
  • Transitioning to all plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles will decrease the cost of driving by 80%.
  • Over the 30-year transition period, we will save more than we spend on the transition.
  • A 1.65-megawatt windmill produces enough electricity for approximately 450 average US homes.
  • The wind energy produced worldwide through 2006 is less than 1 percent of the total energy used in the United States."
  • Solar power research has helped reduce solar power costs by nearly 50% in a decade and such research is essential to making solar power more widely competitive.
  • Solar alone, wind alone or solar and wind together will not totally solve our energy problems.
  • The public pays some environmental price for deploying every known energy source -- even for wind and solar energy.  The best we can do is to choose wisely between the alternatives.  The worst choice is coal.  The next worse choice is oil.
  • People living within 10 miles of the Three Mile Island accident received about the same radiation a person would receive from one chest x-ray. Although the accident was severe, there were no injuries and no deaths.
  • A Chernobyl-like accident cannot happen in the United States because U.S. reactors are designed differently and include a containment building.
  • While tragic, less than 60 people lost their lives in the Chernobyl accident. Fossil fuel pollution causes more than 2 million deaths worldwide per year.
  • Only nuclear energy delivered by modern fast neutron reactors can rescue the world from energy disaster -- simple as that.
  • Nuclear energy from fast neutron reactors resolves every energy issue facing the world today -- depletion of oil, pollution from fossil fuels, and even the prospect of global warming from greenhouse gases.
  • GNEP will contribute to world peace because nations will have no need to fight energy wars as fossil-fuel resources run out.
  • The EPA tests misrepresent the miles per gallon for cars and trucks 90 percent of the time and always in favor of the car manufacturers.
  • Rather than store the waste on-site or in some repository such as Yucca Mountain for 10,000 years or more, fast neutron reactors will re-use nearly all of the waste as fuel -- the ultimate recycling process.
  • More vehicles will be produced in the next 20 years than during the whole of the twentieth century.
  • All-electric cars are the ultimate goal, because the fuel costs for operating all-electric cars would be 6-10 times less than the costs for operating internal combustion engines, assuming a comparable 'fuel' tax.
  • According to Tesla, if one uses off-peak current at 5 cents per kilowatt hour, then the fuel cost would be approximately 1 cent  per mile."
  • Any new nuclear plant will be safer and more efficient than any built in the past.  The United States has over 30 year exceptionally safe operating experience -- the safest of any industry."

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