concaUsedNucFuelMany people cite "nuclear waste" as the reason we shouldn't pursue more nuclear energy. But there also exists a big disconnect on what nuclear waste, or used nuclear fuel, actually is. And what it isn't.

In this short video (Pt. 1 of 3), Dr. James Conca, a scientist with degrees from Cal-Tech, formerly of NASA, and Los Alamos and Pacific Northwest National Labs, explains the what and the why behind used nuclear fuel and how it is stored.

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How much do you know about radiation? In Part II of his series on used nuclear fuel, Dr. James Conca looks at the radiation involved in storing used nuclear fuel and how long it lasts.

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In the third and final segment from scientist Dr. James Conca, we look at the safety of used nuclear fuel, the confusion some people have with defense waste - and the need for a long-term repository.

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Reusable Nuclear Spent Fuel


Ref. Wall Street Journal June 2, 2010, Pages A1 and A18.

Ms. Rebecca Smith wrote about Atomic Waste describing the problem accurately and in great detail. She recognizes that "after 3 decades and more than $10 Billion in expenditures the Energy Department was giving up on it's only candidate for permanent storage", Yucca Mountain. She very accurately describes how utilities have solved this problem temporarily by using casks but there are already 14,000 metric tons of "waste" in such storage and 49,000 metric tons being readied for such storage. Unfortunately, this is the "stuff" we were going to store for thousands of years while we "hope" that these casks will be acceptable for 60 years (they are approved for 20 years now).

She fails to mention that this "stuff" has energy value, the equivalent of several thousand barrels of oil PER POUND!

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