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William Tucker (WSJ FEB. 28, 2010 PAGE A15) is "RIGHT ON" except that he stopped short.
He properly described that the revival of the outdated arguments of the "anti-nucs" has
been refuted, but he omitted the much more important next phase which is now receiving timely International attention.

The world hasn't even begun to use "real nuclear power". A pound of uranium contains
the energy equivalent of 5000 barrels of oil (at $75 a barrel that is equivalent to $375,000 worth of    energy per pound. At the present, time the world is extracting about 1% of it, BUT we know what we must do to extract the rest of it. The discoverers of nuclear power, Enrico Fermi and his colleagues told the world it would be necessary to recycle uranium in a fast neutron reactor
(about 60 years ago). The U.S. listened and responded.

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