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James Hansen at COP21Until December's COP21 international climate conference in Paris, previous rounds of these conferences had consistently excluded environmentalists who were in favor of nuclear power as a tool to combat climate change. SCGI teamed up with filmmaker Robert Stone a year before COP21 and began planning to crash the anti-nuclear party in Paris. We coordinated our efforts through Energy for Humanity, an NGO that spun off from Robert's pro-nuclear documentary, Pandora's Promise. James Hansen and other SCGI members helped pull together a number of activities that brought a convincing pro-nuclear message to the conference and generated a substantial presence in international press outlets. Here's a link to a summary of our activities at COP21.

Efforts like this are possible because of the generosity of SCGI's supporters. Thank you for your support in 2015.

Tom Blees
President SCGI

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