Tom Blees is the author of Prescription for the Planet - The Painless Remedy for Our Energy & Environmental Crises. Tom is also the president of the Science Council for Global Initiatives. Many of the goals of SCGI, and the methods to achieve them, are elucidated in the pages of Blees's book. He is a member of the selection committee for the Global Energy Prize, considered Russia's equivalent of the Nobel Prize for energy research. His work has generated considerable interest among scientists and political figures around the world. Tom has been a consultant and advisor on energy technologies on the local, state, national, and international levels.

In late September of 2008, after nearly a decade of research, an investigative author named Tom Blees published a book entitled Prescription for the Planet - The Painless Remedy for Our Energy and Environmental Crises. It proposed a global energy revolution that could ameliorate or eliminate some of the most difficult problems now faced by mankind. Prescription made its entry about a month before American politics entered the Obama era.

tomAndVelikovTom Blees and Evgeny Velikhov confer at the 2009 International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia.Meanwhile, many people around the world were anticipating what such a political sea change could mean. One of these was a prominent Russian physicist named Evgeny Velikhov, one of that country's most prominent scientists and thinkers who is also very politically involved. Dr. Velikhov had been contemplating how the ascendancy of Obama and Medvedev at this crucial time might enable their two countries, and the rest of the world, to begin to cooperate on global issues at a whole new level compared to what we'd seen in the past. Up to this point totally unknown to each other, Velikhov and Blees were nevertheless on the same wavelength. The two soon found out about each other. At a December meeting the Russian physicist had arranged between a small group of the two country's scientists, an idea was hatched. It was to form an international organization capable of both educating the public and policymakers and formulating policy recommendations to lead the way out of many of the crises of our time. Thus was born the Science Council for Global Initiatives.

As you explore the SCGI web site you will see references to Tom's book which, since it was written for the general public, provides an introduction to many of the concepts that the scientists and other contributors to SCGI will flesh out. Tom is sometimes referred to as a futurist, but he is determined to lose that appellation by working actively with governments and scientists around the world to make that future a present-day reality.

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