George Stanford, Ph.D., is a nuclear reactor physicist, part of the team that developed the Integral Fast Reactor. He is now retired from Argonne National Laboratory after a career of experimental work pertaining to power-reactor safety. He is the co-author of Nuclear Shadowboxing: Contemporary Threats from Cold War Weaponry.

by Tom Blees

On October 7 we received the sad news of the passing of Dr. George Stanford, one of the original members of SCGI. George was the first of the IFR scientists I contacted when I began my research that resulted, years later, in the publication of Prescription for the Planet. After acting as my original IFR mentor, he soon introduced me to Charles Till and Yoon Chang. Thus began a constant years-long four-person email chain as the three of them tutored me—with endless patience—so that I might introduce a wider audience to the amazing technology that they had developed with their team at Argonne West.

That mentorship has continued to this day. Their tutelage not only changed my life but the lives of many others around the world who have come to understand the profound nature of IFR technology, that it can literally transform the planet if we are wise enough to deploy it.

Despite his failing health, George's mind was clear and his intellect razor-sharp right up to the end. He was always willing to contribute his insights and expertise whenever called upon to do so, which happened frequently. He was always generous with his time and never patronizing no matter how unschooled his questioner.

After several years of friendship, his wife Janet once told me that George loved being again immersed in the IFR culture, doing his best to finally see the commercial deployment of the system. Alas, the delay was too long. It will be with regret, but with profound gratitude, that we toast George Stanford when the ribbon is cut on the first PRISM reactor, an event that will hopefully happen soon enough so that the rest of his colleagues will still be here to see it.

Tom Blees

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