Dr. Barry Brook holds the Foundation Sir Hubert Wilkins Chair of Climate Change and is Director of Climate Science at The Environment Institute, University of Adelaide. He has published two books and over 150 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and regularly writes opinion pieces and popular articles for the media. He has received a number of distinguished awards in recognition of his research excellence, which addresses the topics of climate change, computational and statistical modelling and the synergies between human impacts on Earth systems.

Barry's website: bravenewclimate.com

Recently a prominent campaigner for nuclear power in Australia, Ben Heard, completed his Ph.D. thesis. His advisor was SCGI’s own Dr. Barry Brook. Ben’s thesis was something that those of us who’d heard about it in its development stage were anxious to see finally made public. I’m delighted to be able to offer Ben’s excellent work, Burden of Proof, to our site's visitors. It examines the various “100% Renewables” scenarios around the world, and whether their arguments hold water. There is also a considerable amount of supplementary material, which is also available to download.

Those of us who advocate for nuclear power know well the arguments against it based on the notion that wind and solar (and other marginal or undeveloped energy systems) will suffice in the absence of both fossil fuels and nuclear power. Ben is allowing us to offer this material to share freely so that those of us who find ourselves in these often frustrating discussions can have some solid data with which to engage in this debate. Please feel free to share this widely. Ben has done a great service in shedding light on the facts.

Download here:  Burden of Proof, Supplementary material


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